Upper Coast & Pineywoods

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Welcome All! 


2022 Updates:

If you missed out the first time around,

Second Skimmer Boat Tour Trip added on April April 23


With the success of the sold out Pre & Post Trips we are excited to announce that we are adding an additional Post Trip.  There will be another trip to the Valley, April 25-28 for 8 guests!

Birds are fluffing up and preening their feathers to look their best as they make their way to South Texas.  We eagerly await their pit stop at the Birdiest Festival in America 2022 in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Last year’s feathered attendance at the Festival broke our previous year’s record of 262, viewing an outstanding total of 289 species.  With sightings of 33 species of warblers, 32 species of shorebirds, elusive King and Virginia’s Rails, and some surprise guests:  White-tailed Kite, Field Sparrow, American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, Black-headed Grosbeak and a Sooty Tern.  The best bird was a very late pair of Whooping Cranes.  Since 2017, this brings the bird total to 314 species.


This year we have added several new “Birdy” trips to the schedule, in addition to our regular “Hot Spots”.  There are Full-Day and Half-Day trips, Bird Walks, Presentations and Workshops, access to nature-related Vendor booths, thrilling Raptor Project shows and of course a Southern Welcome of Texas BBQ.  This year we are doubly excited to offer, not only a Pre-Trip to the Rio Grande Valley, but also TWO Post-Trips!!


Renowned author and illustrator, David Sibley will be joining us at the Birdiest Festival in America.  Not only will he be available for book signings and delivery of a Keynote on his latest book, What It’s Like to Be a Bird, but even BETTER NEWS – he is going to be a Guide for one of the field trips.


So Much to See!! 

Whether by foot, vehicle, or boat, the Birdiest Festival in America is sure to have something for Everyone’s Birding Pleasure! 

Rio Grande Valley

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APRIL 26-30, 2023