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Get Ready for Spring Migration 2024!


With a whopping 659 species, South Texas is home to many species of birds, some that are found nowhere else in America.  This abundance and variety peaks during the Spring Migration.  It’s that special time of year we all love, when birds are fluffing their feathers and prepping for their long journey.  Luckily South Texas is on their flyway, with plenty of food, water, and rest areas to offer. What better place to enjoy this stunning array of beauty than “The Birdiest City in America”, Corpus Christi, Texas!





We are excited to present an extravaganza of Land and Water Field Trips (Full and Half Day) (AM and PM), Presentations, Workshops, Nature-Related Exhibitors, and as always, the thrilling Raptor Project.  Come taste, share, and experience the “locals” and bring some South Texas home from our Artisan Market.  We will kick off the Festival with a Southern Welcome of Texas BBQ.


Whether by foot, vehicle, or boat the Birdiest Festival in America is sure to have something for everyone’s birding pleasure.


Previous Years Species Totals:

2017 – 249 Species

2018 – 257 Species

2019 – 262 Species

2021 – 271 Species

2022 – 284 Species

2023 - 268 Species


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APRIL 24-28, 2024
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