We are pleased to again offer a four-day pre-trip AND a four-day post-trip this year to the Rio Grande Valley, home to many specialty birds that can only be found

in deep South Texas.  




rio-grande-river-1584102_1280 (1).jpg

Last year this trip produced 193 species and found most of the target species. Our lodging for this trip is the Alamo Inn, a birder- centric lodge in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. 


The Pre-Trip leader is David Sarkozi, a well-known Texas birder who started birding in high school after reading Ken Kaufman’s 1973 big year.  David has since become a fan of Big Days and Big Years.  He has served as president of the Texas Ornithological Society and worked on its executive board for 16 years.  He recently retired from the University of Houston where he worked for 35 years.

The leader of the Post-Trip will be Cameron Cox. Cameron is the owner and operator of Avocet Birding Courses (www.birdingABC.com) a company that offers workshops and tours that reexamines the standard narrative of how birders identify birds and offers and alternative approach based on cognitive psychology.  This approach aims to make learning birds faster and more fun, reducing frustration in the bargain.

The cost of this trip includes transportation, experienced leader,

entry fees, and lodging for Saturday thru Monday night

that includes breakfast. 


It does NOT include lunches or dinners.  There is a minimum of four for each trip to make, and a maximum of eight to make this

a very birder friendly trip!

Cost Per Person is $850

Below is our expected itinerary and we’ll make every effort to get all these birds, but we will remain flexible and chase rarities that show up!


Estero Llano Grande
State Park

Day One

We’ll meet at the Botanical Gardens at 7:00 am, the gates will be locked every night.  Pack as light as you can to make the ride more comfortable.  From Corpus Christi we head to Brushline Road to search for brush country species like Bullock’s Oriole, Common Ground-Dove, Greater Roadrunner, White-tailed Hawk, Brown-crested Flycatcher, Verdin, and Pyrrhuloxia.  With some luck we may have a chance at a Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl.

The next stop will be Estero Llano Grande State Park to look for Hooded Oriole, Green Jay, Common Pauraque, and Buff-bellied Hummingbird.  Then we’ll check into our rooms and rest up a bit before checking out roosting areas for Green Parakeets.  Finally, after a long day, dinner.

Bentsen State Park


Day Three

We’ll head “up valley” early and spend the morning at Salenino on the Rio Grande looking for Morelette’s Seedeater, Audubon’s Oriole, Altamira Oriole, Muscovy Duck, and Red-billed Pigeon.  After this stop we’ll check the Star County Park for Clay-colored Sparrow, Red-billed Pigeon, and Black-tailed Gnatcatcher.  After a picnic lunch (included) in Falcon State Park we’ll search for Vermillion Flycatcher, Ash-throated, Flycatcher, Scaled Quail, Chihuahuan Raven, and Black-throated Sparrow.

Day Two

Starting close to home, to give people some rest after a long travel day, we will head to Bentsen State Park.  Here our target birds are Green Jay, Plain Chachalaca, Altamira Oriole, Clay-colored Thrush, Great Kisskadee, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, Gray Hawk, Ringed and Green Kingfisher, and Buff-bellied Hummingbird.  After one state park what could be better than another and we’ll visit Estero Llano Grande again and look for Green Kingfisher, Least Grebe, Inca Dove, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, and Buff-bellied Hummingbird.

After lunch we’ll check out Anzalduas County Park, where you can look NORTH into Mexico!  We’ll target Black Phoebe and Gray Hawk before calling it a day and rest up for dinner.

Falcon State Park

Day Four

On our last day we will head out early to search for Botteri’s Sparrow and Aplomado Falcon.  Then head for Padre Island to look for migrants plus shorebirds, gulls, and terns.  After a late lunch we’ll head back to Corpus Christi in time for a short rest before the end of tour dinner.