Bird Walks


All registrants at the Birdiest Festival are welcome to join us for a series of Bird Walks on Thursday – April 21, Friday – April 22, Saturday – April 23, and Sunday – April 24, each running from 8:00AM to 11:00AM.


Local Volunteer guides will lead you through some of our region’s birdiest places.  Enjoy the South Texas native birds and count the many migrants who are sure to be keeping them company.



Goose Island is the only more distant location,

about an hour up the coast.

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South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center


Your host to the Birdiest Festival, the Botanical Gardens encompasses 182 acres of shrub, grassland, lake, and pond.  You may find a variety of species here and in Spring, anything could be present.  As mentioned elsewhere, this site sits along a prime migration corridor – remember to look up for the rivers of birds, swallows, hawks, anhingas and White Pelicans, which commonly pass over in droves on their way north.


Meet at the Field Trip Departures Entry Tent.

Thursday – April 21, Friday – April 22 or Sunday – April 24

$5.00 Per Person

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Goose Island

State Park


Your park hosts will lead you around the varied habitat in this gem of a coastal park.  Per eBird, 340 species of birds have been recorded here.  Migrants should be teeming at this time.  Lingering Whooping Cranes are a possibility in the coastal wetlands around the park.  In 2011, birders flocked here to see a Yellow-faced Grassquit.  If you like, stick around after the hike and watch the feeders or explore more of the park and adjacent areas.

Directions/Map Will Be Provided


Meet at Recreation Hall – directions available at the Entrance Gate

Friday – April 22 and Saturday – April 23

$5.00 Entrance Fee – Pay at the Park

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Blucher Park

Each April weekend, members of the Audubon Outdoor Club of Corpus Christi lead bird walks at this little jewel of an urban park.  Records of these walks beginning in 2002 total 183 species.  If you are startled by what seems like a giant moth flushing close in front of you, try not to scream.  It’s just a Chuck-will’s-widow and they do that to us all the time in the Spring.


Blucher Park is a terrific place for migrating warblers.  Swainson’s and Worm-eating Warblers are special species that we regularly find here. 

Directions/Map Will Be Provided

$5.00 Donation Appreciated at Park Entrance


Meet next to the park on Blucher Street.  This park is near downtown.


Saturday – April 23 and Sunday – April 24